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Instructional concepts for a saner approach to the global precarious.

 The five plastic squares are confined. They can slide as a group, from one end of the central arbor to the other. Barriers on the arbor and on the base underneath get in the way of rotating the squares. So although words can be spelt along the top, it can be a puzzle.

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Oh boy, the mauri is calling it quits. But, no, it's not for sure!
A rear-guard action might be summoned.

A theory of relations? The mauri's deal was abrogated in 1966. Maybe it only took a year for the mauri to sink into sadness so the New Mathematics saga beginning in earnest in 1969 can be taken as a symptom. Let's go back to our theory of relations circa 1965. Now we don't need a pivoted arbor rings puzzle. Naturally, we don't need a PARP. There are mathematical relations to see in all sorts of subject matter.

But a PARP has some very endearing qualities. We're not just blowing our horn here. We've done the primary research!

 With each PARP we supply a card and an audiotrack lasting around an hour. Willis and Waller walk the listeners through a PARP familiarisation, eventually teaching how they should apply the formula on the card.

The thing about this formula: it works every time and a user can easily know when they've got the right idea. Here is a step-by-step way to apply some mathematics and get a given word to come up on top.

Circa 1965, one object of a general education was to enable the plain-speaking about changes in variables, especially observable quantities! Addition and subtraction were then to be conceived broadly, within the range of applications.

In applying elementary mathematics to a PARP solution, addition and subtraction are associated with rotation and counter-rotation. A quarter-turn is counted depending on its direction.

The sense of the algebra is communicated through the turning of the arbor, through the hands and eyes of the puzzle user.

Is it for an individual or a team? Mathematics has to be both, in the real world. In our research with a group of nine-to-twelve year-olds unprepared except with the product audio, the educational objectives were achieved if two or three were assigned, each checking that the other(s) had assimilated the teaching in the audiotrack. The listening was a team effort but it could not be a big team with only one PARP in each case on hand.

Our PARP will stand upright. It needs only the space of one bottle of shampoo. And of course the audio can reduce to a computer file. And the "Signpost" card can be a computer file too, ready to be printed.

When to take down from shelf? We also have a video. This is not instructional per se, but it demonstrates the object of the game. If your students can sit through the video attentively and still be interested at the end of the video, then it could be time to bring PARP down and access the instructional audio.

The current video stars Simon and Max.

Our stock comprises mixed-media PARPs in two categories. Each has been individually tested. The action is agreeable and if stored in a dry place, our stock PARP will last very well down through the years. Our stock have done twenty-five already and are still in mint condition.

But really, we are waiting on "stock". Following an excellent year for the toy trade in 2020, we believe the time is ripe for a limited edition of injection-molded PARPs. We are reserving our current stock a while to learn if they can play a second fiddle in the fully injection-molded version roll-out.

Please contact us if you might be interested in supporting the roll-out with an investment fund.

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